(Mr Lewis Ramsay with Darkvakia Enzo).

Darkvakia Enzo.

Lewis Ramsay, QSFM, Director of Response and Resilience, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service: -

"I have owned quality, high-calibre GSDs for twenty plus years, and have had the privilege of observing the continuation training of Special Forces Dogs at Fire Scotland HQ.

I spent considerable time researching and visiting various kennels, including contemplating other shepherd breeds (Malinois/Dutch Shepherds).

Our Current working line GSD, Angus, is a much loved and superb elderly ambassador of the breed. Our intentions were to find a quality working line puppy to follow in Angus’s footsteps.

Having made contact with George at Darkvakia, my first impression was: ‘here is a person who asks lots of questions, and adheres to due diligence re suitability in potentially owning one of his puppies.’

This was refreshing and not something we had overly encountered with other breeders.

After much initial communication, we visited the kennels and were extremely impressed with the working ability and temperament of our puppy’s parents.

George spent quality time with us on reoccurring visits, and kept us updated with photos of our new family member.  

We chose Darkvakia Enzo, a chunky and very dark sable male puppy. We plan to stay in touch with George and will return for advanced training when Enzo matures.

I can say without reservation that these dogs impressed me so much. They are easily the finest GSDs I have encountered.”

(Mr. Derry Argue with Darkvakia Arnost)

Mr. Derry Argue is a well known author, breeder and trainer of working Pointers and Setters.

His working kennel - Advie - has been synonymous with world class gun dogs since the 1960s.

Derry has exported his dogs worldwide, and is also an acclaimed author on the subject, having been commissioned to write several books including "Pointers and Setters".

I knew Derry had been looking at other working litters from different kennels, and as he is a very knowledgeable and much respected dog man, I was delighted when he decided to invest in Darkvakia Arnost (pet name Max).

First and foremost, Derry keeps his German Shepherds as companions and farm dogs at his equestrian business, and he appreciates the peace of mind his working shepherds bring, living as he does in a relatively isolated and rural location.

Here is what Derry has to say about ten month old Darkvakia Arnost –

"I have found Max to be a natural guard and easy to train. He has a high prey drive and a hard bite. Having said that, the nature of my equestrian business dictates that it is imperative that my dogs are not a danger to the visiting public. Max is very well balanced and welcomes guests with friendly enthusiasm, but even at this young age he immediately notices anything unusual and warns me of it in no uncertain terms. I am absolutely delighted with my Darkvakia pup and wholeheartedly recommend this kennel."

Derry Argue.

(Darkvakia Dusca, enjoying a Scottish winter).

Darkvakia Dusca:  

Doctor Natasha Ferguson first approached us around two years prior to her taking on a pup. She was waiting patiently for a female pup to be born specifically from a Boris v Bertha breeding.

Doctor Ferguson wanted a high energy GSD that would keep up with her family’s love of the great outdoors, accompany her children on long pony treks and give additional peace of mind.

Here is what Doctor Ferguson had to say: -

“Long before we saw or collected our puppy, we met George and all his dogs. To say we were impressed would be an understatement - we were simply in awe.

“Placid and Protective” really does sum it up.

It should also be mentioned that this kennel has strict criteria re owner suitability, which I found reassuring.
I was most impressed that George’s sole focus in the early stages was to ensure his pups only go to the very best active and rural homes; suffice to say,
we had to prove that we were suitable.

Dusca is amazing; she is a big sop with children, insanely intelligent, so alert and discerningly protective. We could not wish for a better GSD.”


(Mr and Mrs Mackay, with Darkvakia Evo - AKA Ranger).

Darkvakia Evo:

Freddie and Claire Mackay have been involved in the breed for over thirty years, competing in agility and obedience competitions with their past Shepherds.

It was absolutely obvious during their initial visit to our kennel that they lived and breathed their dogs, and would give their new pup a fantastic life. Apart from the Mackays’ wealth of experience with the breed, Ranger has access to one-and-a-half acres of garden to enjoy in picture postcard Perthshire.  

Here is what they had to say: -

"We had already decided that our next GSD would come from working lines, knowing that this would eliminate the unnatural rear angulation many of the show lines produce.

Our criteria was for a strong, confident and well-balanced male puppy, who would make a quality family pet and trusted companion.

We first came across Darkvakia via their website, and were impressed with what we saw, so we emailed them about puppy availability.

It was refreshing to see that George was very cautious in the many initial communications, asking lots of questions and seeking verification.

Needless to say, when we eventually met up, both parties clicked.

We are now the proud owners of Ranger, an extremely confident and chunky dark sable male puppy whom we have no doubt will mature into a loyal, protective and excellent example of this wonderful breed, just like both his parents.

We will definitely keep in touch with George, and highly recommend Darkvakia Working Line German Shepherds.”


 (Darkvakia Dalek, AKA Bear, playing ball in his garden).

Darkvakia Dalek:

Mr and Mrs Bruce came to me looking for a working line male pup that would help keep them busy, following Mr Bruce’s well-deserved retirement as Detective Inspector - CID.

Here is what they had to say about Darkvakia Dalek (AKA Bear) :-    

“There are two distinctive things about the kennel Darkvakia and its owner George.

Firstly, they will only engage with people who are able to give one of their pups a very good home and are aware of the time and effort required to get the best out of their dog.

Secondly, George has a wealth of experience in training dogs and if you are lucky enough to be invited to the kennel you will see what we mean – his dogs are spectacular.

Our dog Bear - is big, robust and determined, but at the same time gentle; he is a much loved member of our family and a character for sure.

We took George’s advice and have kept Bear kennelled outside since he was 8 weeks old, he thrives being outside in the fresh air and is a great dog to be around.

Lastly, many breeders will promise you a life time of help and advice: -

If you meet George and his dogs, you will quickly come to the conclusion that he means what he says, and will gladly help you if or when advice is needed”. 


(Darkvakia Anastazie, AKA Kaz with her handler and best buddy Mr Karl Smith).

Darkvakia Anastazie:

Mr Karl Smith was initially looking for a quality working-line pup with a view to competing in IPO. More importantly, he has children, and it was therefore imperative that any new addition to the family be very well balanced. Karl chose Darkvakia Anastazie.

Karl and Kaz came back to our kennels for training, and decided to focus on family protection dog training instead of IPO training. This has worked out well, and has resulted in Karl changing career and becoming a professional dog handler.

I know first-hand as principal trainer that Karl and Kaz make a formidable K9 team.

It is reassuring to know that they are doing their bit in enhancing security at key power stations throughout the UK.

Karl says: -

“Kaz is a real head-turner and such a pleasure to work with. More importantly she is a much-loved member of our family. I feel privileged to own such a quality dog and very much appreciate George's input on the training front. I wholeheartedly recommend Kennel Darkvakia”

(Darkvakia Ava, starting out on her training)

Mr Dean Cowan is a professional dog handler with Tyler Security.

With high profile clients - including Silverstone Grand Prix, Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge and Arsenals Emirates Stadium - Tyler Security is one of the most prestigious and respected security dog companies in the UK, whose reputation in training dogs to the highest standard is second to none.

As well as currently being trained as a General Purpose Dog, Darkvakia Ava will also be trained to detect firearms.

Dean and partner Lindsay travelled all the way from Essex for their puppy. 

Their objective was to invest in a suitable eight-week-old female, who would ultimately take the operational place of Dean’s current highly trained and much loved working GSD, Izzie.

Here is what Dean has to say about his ten month old pup, Darkvakia Ava (pet name Koda):

"Koda has been exposed to operational work since she was 7 months old. She is a hard hitting bitch who is always hungry to nail the decoy. Koda fires up instantly to aggressors, going from 0-60 in the blink of an eye. She has a super prey drive, and though we have a long way to go, we are getting there fast. I can honestly say I could not have asked for a better bitch, thank you very much."

Dean Cowan (Dog Handler).


Darkvakia Blazena,  playing the first to blink with Shifty the cat.

Julia and John McEwan came to me for a pup after experiencing a tragic ordeal via a different GSD breeder. They had just lost a pup to a hereditary kidney condition at only twelve weeks of age. They simply wanted a healthy pup which they could raise as an active family pet, so decided to try a working line shepherd for the first time.

Here is what they have to say about ten month old Darkvakia Blazena (pet name Kenya):

“Our beautiful girl Kenya is full of life and character; she is a huge part of our family.  Kenya loves running for her ball,  in fact she will do pretty much anything for it.  We highly recommend Darkvakia. George spent quality time with us pre-purchase, and we were both very impressed by the temperament and abilities of Kenya’s parents. We continue to keep in touch with George.”

(Darkvakia Eta, posing very nicely for the camera).

Darkvakia Eta:

Retired dog handler Stan Butterworth had been without a GSD for around five years. He told me he inadvertently stumbled across a training video of Darkvakia Boris being saturated in Co2 whilst engaging the decoy. This really struck a chord with Stan, as he knows it is standard procedure to use Co2 against aggressive dogs, and indeed how effective it is in subduing them. Stan was suitably impressed with what he had seen in the video and contacted me.

After much communication, Stan and his wife Nancy, along with their two young grandchildren, came and visited our kennels. Suffice to say, they all fell in love with Boris and Bertha, with both dogs making sure the two small children had very clean faces.

Here is what Stan had to say: -

“Having worked with GSD's in a professional capacity for thirty years, I was very impressed at the working capabilities of the Darkvakia dogs.

However, the icing on the cake was the sterling temperament of our pups’ parents. It was clearly demonstrable that both Boris and Bertha are first and foremost very well-balanced dogs, with excellent discerning temperaments.

Though George did not have any pups for sale at that time, we were prepared to wait.

Approximately six months down the line from our initial visit, we collected our new family member.

Our plans for Eta are purely as an active family pet. We have no intention of going down the advanced training road, but hope to join an agility class in the months ahead.  

As a family, our experience from the initial contact with George has been reassuringly consistent. He really does care where his pups go. This is a quality kennel with quality dogs run by quality people.”