Darkvakia Blaze, Bear and Blazena
at three weeks of age, getting a cuddle.

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When choosing a breeder of working line dogs, there are criteria which will significantly increase the chances of your pup having the right traits to one day becoming a credible and well balanced protector. 

One of the most important and THE one,
which is most often over looked is:

How credible are the father AND MOTHER at protecting?

Can the sire and DAM of your puppy be seen working the man in the muzzle -  will they bite the decoy if he is wearing a very well concealed hidden sleeve, (arm and legs)?  Can they be seen doing that in a variety of challenging environments?

The more credible BOTH parents of your pup are at protecting, the more likely it will be that your pup will follow suit.
(Given the correct socialization/foundation/training)

We are pleased to say that our current breeding bitch, Bertha Of Darkvakia, ticks all of the above boxes as does our stud dog Boris.

Videos of both dogs being put through their paces can be viewed  on this web site. (Training Videos page) 

The cost of a Darkvakia puppy is £1,250

Darkvakia dark sable pups at five weeks of age.


Pups are ready to go to their new home at eight weeks of age.

No breeding endorsements are placed on your pup.

All pups go to their new homes with the following:

      • An official veterinary document specific to your pup confirming the pup has been fully vet checked.
      • Four weeks free insurance.
      • A preventative treatment for worms and fleas having already been issued.
      • A laminated Darkvakia five generation pedigree (this pedigree also shows working titles).
      • A Kennel Club Registration document.
      • Raw minced beef mixed through with Royal Canin to see you through the first five days.
      • A ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ sheet.
      • A receipt for monies paid.
      • Having been Microchipped by our vet, with all official documentation in place.
      • Ongoing free and friendly advice.


A Darkvakia puppy is best suited to:

      • Active people and families who spend lots of time outdoors and, ideally, have experience with German Shepherds.
      • Those who participate in Working Trials/Schutzhund/IPO/Mondio Ring/KNPV etc.
      • Those who compete in agility or obedience.
      • Those who have an interest in K9 personal protection training.
      • Those involved in dog handling within the security sector/police service/prison service etc.
      • Those who work outdoors and need a reliable K9 companion – i.e. game keepers, farmers, equestrian types, land owners etc.