Vaneldurk Boris of Darkvakia

DOB: 06/09/2011

Sex: Male.

Colour: Dark Sable.

Height to shoulder/withers: 25” (63.5cm).

Weight: 81lb (37 Kilos).

Elbows: 0-0 (Total = 0).

Hips: 4-4 (Total = 8).

Boris’s father is Vadamec Arron AKA Czech.
Boris’s mother is the Czech import, Christe Ze Slovanskeho Domu.
This breeding brought  a 4-5 line breed on NORBO Ben Ju, who was on the World Team six times, 3x for Sch3 and 3x for IPO3.
Norbo also won The International working Stud Show in Bratislava in October 2000.
Norbo’s  day job was Border Patrol dog. 

Pedigree:  https://www.pedigreedatabase.com/german_shepherd_dog/dog.html?id=2069484-vaneldurk-boris

Temperament: Boris is a joy to have around, being full of mischief and always eager to please. Perpetually focused, he just never slows down. Though an extremely capable and no-nonsense PPD, he is very well balanced and is just as happy flying over walls chasing his Frisbee, or being petted by children, as he is destroying the decoy (the ‘bad guy’).

Extremely powerful and with impeccable manners, Boris is exactly what the GSD should be - and what we strive to replicate.


Introducing our new Boris and Bertha son, Darkvakia Dalibor. (AKA Bilko)
Bilko is ten weeks old in this pic and is a doppelganger of his father. He is already displaying excellent drives and reckless confidence, and we have no doubt he will develop into an extremely powerful and well balanced family protector, just like his mum and dad. We look forward to our journey together.