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Bertha of Darkvakia.


Bertha Of Darkvakia.

DOB: 31/08/2014

Sex: Female.

Colour: Dark Sable.

Height to shoulders / withers:  25" (63.5cm).

Weight: 75lb (34 Kilos).

Hips: 3-3 (Total = 6)

Elbows: 0-0 (Total = 0)

Temperament: Bertha is an extremely energetic and well balanced girl with very high drives. She absolutely lives to work and is a genuine pleasure to be around. Like Boris, she is environmentally bomb proof, taking in her stride everything we throw at her.

Bertha is a formidable family protector who adores children and likes nothing better than licking small giggling faces until they are very, very clean.

Bertha’s breeding was part of a UK Police dog breeding programme, which resulted in her litter mates being taken at 8 weeks of age by the West Midlands and Metropolitan Police

Her father, Audifax Alarich (AKA Sarge), is a substantial and formidable solid black operational police dog with the West Midlands Police.
Bertha’s mother, Qashqai Stary Skaut, is a Czech import from the world famous Jinopo CZ kennels.
Jinopo specialise in OLD CZECH working lines, with z Pohranicni Straze featuring heavily.
Here is a link to Qashqai Stary Skaut’s pedigree: