Our dogs are easy to train, extremely well balanced with very high drives.They are an absolute pleasure to have around, and are very much an integral part of our family.

These dogs adore family life. However, they do need lots of physical and mental stimulation, so please only consider one of our puppies if you believe you have the time and environment to develop these incredible K9s.

A Darkvakia puppy is best suited to:

      • Active people and families who spend lots of time outdoors and, ideally, have experience with German Shepherds.
      • Those who participate in Working Trials/Schutzhund/IPO/Mondio Ring/KNPV etc.
      • Those who compete in agility or obedience.
      • Those who have an interest in K9 personal protection training.
      • Those involved in dog handling within the security sector/police service/prison service etc.
      • Those who work outdoors and need a reliable K9 companion – i.e. game keepers, farmers, equestrian types, land owners etc.