"My daughter with her very good friends."

We are a small breeding and training kennel of Czech working line German Shepherds, based 30 minutes south of Edinburgh.

Our motto at Darkvakia is "Placid And Protective". Our dogs make an exceptional addition to family life, but please be aware they do require lots of exercise. They are especially suited to active people/families who spend lots of time outdoors.

First and foremost, our dogs are very good citizens - they are typically walked off lead and are neutral to other dogs, people and animals.
Balance of temperament is absolutely everything, whether you are eventually looking to further your dogs training in a specific arena or simply want a quality trusted companion.

I have been training my dogs to be capable, reliable and well balanced family guardians since 1995. A small selection of our man-work training videos can be viewed on this website. 

Darkvakia K9s have very dark pigmentation, being dark sable or black in colour. They come from a Czech working line heritage. This ancestry is synonymous with top quality working dogs, including the legendary Norbo Ben Ju, six times WUSV (World Championships). His day job was Border Patrol dog.

In addition to Norbo, there is a plethora of world class working service dogs, such as Tom z Pohranicni Straze, Grim z Pohranicni and Qino z Pohranicni Straze (who achieved the highest Police Titles in the Czech Republic).

With their muscular build and very dark coat, dogs of Czech working heritage ooze presence and ability.